Because life should be a FEAST

Plant-based creations by Lara from My Notes from New England.
Recipe Development

Unique plant-based recipes. 

For the creation of a unique recipe + social media post:

$50 an hour + costs

Spread the joy

Plant-based and proud – even if it is just one plate a day. 

Let Lara share the share of plant-based food at your next event and hear her inspirational story of how a diagnosis of MS lead to a completely different life filled with hope & taste.


Easy, delicious and inspirational.

Everyone can be inspired, they only need someone to show them how. 

Feast Courses

FEAST Courses

FEAST Courses is all about the joy of food, the beauty of simple food and plant-based food because life should be a FEAST, a glorious and delicious FEAST.

Contact Lara for personally designed courses that celebrate the joy of plant-based food.  A weekend in the country, a girl’s weekend, a yoga retreat – Lara can create a plant-based experience specifically for you. 

In Tenterfield, Lara also works with Rebecca Everett from Tenterfield Health to create FEAST Courses – plant-based workshops and dining experiences. 

Because life should be a FEAST!

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