Lara Flanagan

My name is Lara Flanagan and My Notes from New England is about the journey I travel with my constant companions of my young twins Archie and Larissa, my two mad dogs Kevin & Rosie and the beautiful world of New England that I call home.

My Notes from New England began with the stories of how a single mum city girl embraced a new life in the country. It documented our travels as we donned backpacks and traipsed around the world for 9 months and now it follows us as we explore and celebrate the beautiful world that is the New England region, Australia and beyond.

My Notes from New England was inspired by challenges I have faced since embarking on a complete lifestyle change which was sparked by a major health crisis in the form of a diagnosis of MS.

Here, I share what I have learned about making relatively easy and positive changes in your life that can make a powerful impact on your wellbeing.  It is about my quest for plant-based food that is satisfying, tempting, delicious & nourishing.

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